Facility Status

Hyunjin Materials possesses state-of-the-art production facilities capable of producing core components for various industries, such as power generation facilities, wind power generation, and shipbuilding, and strives to produce the highest quality products.

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Forging Facilities Capacity Max.Weight
Push-Down 6500T 80T 2
Type Capacity Qty
Rail Bount 100MT 1
Rail Bount 160MT 1
Type Capacity Size Qty
Multipurpose 60T 2.5M*3.5M*6M 2
Car 150T 4.5M*4.1M*10M 5
Type Capacity Size Qty
Car 150T 3M*4.5M*12M 4
Car 150T 4.5M*3M*15M 2
Size Heating Zone Size Qty
1000*1000*1600 Ø510*1000 4
Capacity Size Qty
40T 4M*3.8H*15L 1