Hyunjin Materials will make its utmost effort
to lead the technological revolution!

Hyunjin Materials has been leading domestic and international markets ever since it first pioneered the metal materials industry in 1987. We have continued to grow into the best forging company in the world, thanks to our complex forging facilities and core technologies, which are capable of producing high-quality large forged products. We currently produce and supply markets, both foreign and domestic, with excellent-quality products for use in nuclear power and equipment, plant facilities, and industrial machinery parts, all of which require advanced technology and the highest quality.

Hyunjin Materials is never satisfied with past growth and progress, but is determined to continue to work ceaselessly toward a better future. Under the management philosophy of "Customer First", which puts the needs of the customer first, and "Quality First", which asserts that only the best quality products can achieve customer satisfaction, we will strive to grow into a company with a clear strategy for transitioning toward a sustainable-growth profit structure while differentiating from existing competitors. We will prepare thoroughly for our next great advancement by continuing to cultivate future talent and quality improvement.

The winds of revolution will lead Hyunjin Materials into a new land of opportunity. Hyunjin Materials will continue to do its best to not only actively respond to the changing environment, but to go even further by actually leading the change. Thank you.

All employees of
Hyunjin Materials Co., Ltd.